5 Signs Your Website Might Need Updating

Your website is the digital face of your business and can be one of your best sources of sales and leads when it is working correctly. The internet has changed rapidly over the last 5 years and with that, so have the requirements for a well performing site. Here are some signs that your site might be in need of a refresh.


Not Mobile Responsive

One of the biggest changes over the last 5 years is the use of smartphones, and they are not going away any time soon. 

Approximately 50% of all online searches are now accounted for by mobiles, so having your website optimised for mobile use is essential. A site that is not mobile responsive (does not automatically adjust its sizing, layout and proportions to fit a mobile device) could be missing out on half of its potential customers as mobile users are unable to read and interact with your websites content.


Slow loading

In a society that’s so fast paced people are no longer willing to waste time waiting for web pages to load. In fact, 40% of internet users reported that they would abandon a page if it took longer than 3 seconds to load (source: hobo-web.co.uk). 

You can test how fast your pages load here.


Your Website Visitors Are Not Converting

For the majority of businesses, the purpose of their website is to convert visitors to the site into customers. This could be in many different ways depending on your business – it could be a form fill, signing up for a newsletter or actually purchasing an item. 

If your website is not fulfilling this basic requirement then it might be time to consider updating your site.


Visual appearance

If your company has gone through a rebranding or the general vision of your business has changed since your site was designed, it might be time to take another look at it.

Your website should send a clear message of your brand identity and personality to potential customers. It is important to make sure that your identity isn’t being lost behind a bad (or outdated) design. 


Not Appearing On Google

If your site is not being found on Google organically by people searching for your key business activities then you could be missing out on traffic, leads and most importantly – sales.

A lot goes into getting the SEO of your site set up correctly, but once it is done the results really pay off. Appearing on the first page of Google results is essential to a high performing website.


In general, we recommend a website update every 4 – 6 years in order to keep up to date with current trends and requirements.

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