What actually is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which put simply means your website’s organic ranking on Google (not taking into account any paid placements). Having good SEO on your site is essential to be found by potential customers who do not know your business by name.

When a site is put live Google indexes all of the content on that site in order to determine who it might be helpful for. The more helpful Google thinks your site is, the higher up the organic listings you will be.

For example, someone looking for a plumber in Chelmsford may search ‘Plumbers in Chelmsford’.

Tom and Rob are both plumbers who cover Chelmsford. Tom’s SEO is configured as a ‘Plumber In Essex’ and mentions on his site that he covers Chelmsford. However, Rob has a landing page which is clearly configured for ‘Plumbing In Chelmsford’.

Google would therefore determine that Rob’s business is most relevant for this search and display his listing above Tom’s. (Tom’s listing would appear – just further down the list as it would be classed as less relevant.)

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