What Is Hosting & Why Do I Have To Pay It?


Every website on the internet has to be ‘hosted’. Some agencies might give you free hosting for a period of time, or they may call it something else, but for a website to appear online it must be hosted somewhere.

Think of it as a house that you have built on somebody else’s land. You have paid for the build work of the house, so you own the house, but you do not own the land it is built on. Therefore you have to pay rent, or in this case hosting, to keep the house on said land. 

If you do not keep up with your hosting, then your host may decide to take down your website or delete it completely, so make sure you check what the charges are before you sign up. Here at Reach Out Media we charge just £12 a month after your initial build cost.

Should you ever want to move your website to a different host, this is possible. However, most agencies will usually charge a ‘sign over’ fee to cover the work of transferring your site.

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