Why Google Ads might work for your business

Many people think of Google Ads as some kind of ‘hocus pocus’ wizardry that magically creates conversions for businesses, and because of this, a lot of people are weary to try it. This could not be any further from the truth…

Google Ads works based on algebraic formulas using the information and preferences you provide – simply put, you can tell Google when, where and who you would like to target, and Google will display your message to your desired audience.

The way Google presents your message via Ads is different to the way you are presented when you are found organically via the SEO of your site (What Actually Is SEO?). The most obvious difference is that Google Ads appear above natural listings, however, more importantly Ads can be shown for any keyword you see relevant to the product or service you are advertising, whereas SEO only works for the terms and phrases your site has been configured for. This means that by using Google Ads you can reach potential clients that wouldn’t usually find you organically.

Another benefit of using Google Ads, especially for new businesses, is that the results are instant – unlike SEO. As soon as you enable your ads they will start to run, appearing to the appropriate people, and will (if set up correctly) start receiving clicks straight away. Most agencies should set you up with conversion tracking (conversion tracking – what does it mean) so you can accurately measure how many of these clicks or ‘visitors’ go on to actually make a conversion.

If you are interested in how Google Ads might work for your business, or would like to explore your other marketing options please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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